Mary Ward - a woman travels through Europe
First, you find the names for the towns marked on the worksheet (reading from an atlas or Google maps), and fill in the blanks accordingly. Then, using a ruler or a measuring tape, you can measure the centimetres (in blue) which can be added and converted into kilometres according to the scale 1:10 000 000.
All in all, you can see that Mary Ward travelled 1650 kilometres [this equals 1025 miles] from Liège (Lüttich) on 21st October 1621 to Rome, where she arrived some time during the day on Christmas Eve (24th December)!
Thank you to Martina in Fulda, Germany, for sending this in.

Which cities would you reach if you started walking for 1650 kilometres from your meeting place / home town / school? Could you imagine walking that distance within roughly nine weeks?