Mary Ward - as we all know - was a keen traveller. Although we cannot imagine the implications of what it meant to walk from Bavaria to Rome in the 17th century, many of the sights that Mary saw are still around, for us to see and experience.
When Mary Ward was a teenager, she probably went shopping in York. Some of the streets of York still look (more or less) exactly the same as they did when Mary walked through them - the city centre of York has not changed much since the 16th century. During the day the narrow cobbled streets and little shops are full of people enjoying a day out, and at night the town has a very romantic atmosphere which is hard to beat.
A "must" for everyone interested in Mary Ward is a visit to the Bar Convent Living Heritage Centre in York: The newly designed vivid museum landscape shows Mary Ward's story embedded in the historical facts of Christianity in Britain up until the Reformation and its impact(s). In essence it is a very well-researched, enjoyable learning experience for all ages, with a "priest hole" to crawl into if you want to get the feel of it, many hands-on activities, and last but not least very informative movie clips which will make you smile every now and then. Highly recommended!